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Online shopping hacks that will help you save a fortune

By Huna A February 25, 2016
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Shopping online makes life so much easier. No lines or annoying shop assistants. 

We’ve got some tips to help you save money and time while shopping on the web. 

Ask for discounts directly

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You know those little pop-ups asking if you would like to chat with someone at the company? Well, don’t just ignore them, ask if they have any promo codes or deals they can share with you. 

Use size filters

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Ever seen something you love only to find it isn’t available in your size? Avoid disappointment by selecting your size before you search. It’s great if you need something urgent and can’t wait for restocking. 

Credit cards are better 

Fraud is a big deterrent to shopping online, but shopping with your credit card is actually more secure than using debit or PayPal. It takes a lot less time to refund to a credit card, and most banks offer purchase protection, so you aren’t liable for fraudulent purchases. 

Free returns are your friend

Stick to sites that offer free shipping BOTH ways. Sites that offer free returns are awesome because you can buy multiple sizes to get the perfect fit. Once you’ve actually tried them on, you can return the other size for free. 

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Keep your cart full

If you are not sure about an item, put it in your care and leave the site without completing the purchase. Sometimes sites will reach out to you with a special discount. Just make sure you have an account set up, so they can get in touch with you via email. 

Sales don't mean savings

Sites will sometimes, hike up prices so it looks like you’re saving money on sale items. Before purchasing, do a quick Google search for the item you’re interested in. You might find the deal your getting is actually that good or you could find same item for less somewhere else. 

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Now go forth and enjoy your newfound shopping wisdom!

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