These are the star signs you should be sleeping with

By Steph N December 8, 2016
Horoscopes in bed

Introducing the three star signs most likely to rock your universe or er, bed

Today, we’re talking about two topics that tend to spark the interest of many – sex and horoscopes – and thanks to the team at and we now know which are the most “cosmic” lovers.

Starting from the bottom, up here they are:

3. Pisces

Creative and emotionally expressive, Pisces are are an intuitive sign, which generally equates to a pretty good time (wink, wink). According to, sex with Pisceans can be a, “bonding experience in body and mind” and really, when it comes to a lover, that’s the jackpot, right?

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2. Sagittarius describes a romp with a Sag as, “a trip to an amusement park”. Sagittarians are caring, but also love to let their hair loose and so when it comes to the boudoir, they are often quite open-minded and sensual. Oh my!

1. Scorpio

Congrats Scorpios! You’ve ranked in at number one; the right to brag is yours. The scorpio sign is described as “the ruler of sex”, making it pretty damn obvious that you know what you’re doing between the sheets. Scorpios are full of energy and emotion and they have an incomparable sex drive. If you hop into bed with a scorpio, this saucy little sign is going to give you all they’ve got.

Unfortunately for Aries, Gemini and Leo, their romp-reviews were a little less favourable.

If you’re kicking off a sexual endeavour with an Aries expect it to be “fiery”, but er, a little short-lived. Geminis are said to be “sexually open” but they are also believed to lose interest and their libido very quickly. Lastly, Leos are thought to be “passionate and bold” but “lazy in bed”, which is probably one of the biggest no-nos there are.

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