The $15 Kmart product selling out everywhere ahead of summer

By Sangeeta Kocharekar October 7, 2017

You'd be lucky to find it, though.

Ah, summer – a time for longer daylight hours, ocean swims and afternoon barbecues. Trust Kmart to make our already favourite time of year that much better.

The discount retail giant recently released a rose gold drinks dispenser that will completely change your entertaining game. In fact, the elevated glass jars just scream ‘fill me up with margarita drink’.  

Though you’d be lucky to get your hands on one of them – they’ve been selling out everywhere in stores (the above one was spotted in a Kmart in Western Australia) and aren’t even available online yet.

The closest you'll find online is a simple glass one for $10 or a dual, elevated one for $19, which is currently out of stock. You can get them here.

Can we just say – their homewares range has been top-notch over the past year? They're killing it.