6 ways to be more productive that actually work

By Huna A March 7, 2016

Meetings, deadlines, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, more emails. 

There aren’t enough hours in the day. 

If you’ve got a never-ending to do list, try incorporating these tips into your day. You’ll get more done and be less stressed. WIN WIN. 

1. Stop trying to multi-task

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The human brain is no good at switching between tasks, so you often lose time or make mistakes when you juggle several things at once. Focusing on one task at a time will help you better manage your time overall and decrease your stress levels. 

2. Have a routine

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Highly successful people have one thing in common; they get up early and follow the same routine each morning. Find out what works for you, but getting up early could give you the ‘me-time’ you need to feel in control of your day. 

3. Get a handle on your email

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Do you check your email every time you get a notification? You’re disrupting your work flow by checking emails that may not be relevant to your day. It’s much more efficient to check them periodically, so set yourself a 15 minute minimum window for checking email. 

4. Don’t say 'yes' to every request

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For most of us, saying ’No’ is extremely difficult. We want to be team players, however accepting every task and invitation is overwhelming and counterproductive. Make sure you consider what is already on your plate before accepting anything new. 

5. Drink more water 

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This is so simple, yet so important. Trying increasing your water intake for a week and you’ll notice an increase in your energy levels. 

6. Work in 90 minute blocks 

90 minute work day gif

Working for longer than 90 minutes pushes your body into the emergency reserves of energy. Try building at least one interrupted work period into your day. Then start taking two or three short breaks throughout the day. You’ll be shocked by how much more you get done.