IKEA is selling 'flat-pack' chocolate bunnies for Easter

By Rosanna Lamotta March 9, 2019

Well, this should be fun!

2019 is flying by (seriously, how is it already March?!) which means one thing – Easter is just around the corner and we need to sort out all the choccies we plan on getting stuck into!

And, with the Supermarkets already providing us with the choice of all our chocolates, we feel as though it is our duty to inform you of this amazing chocolate creation sold by none other, than our friends at IKEA.

So... without further ado, we present the ‘flat-pack’ version of the chocolate bunny!


Yep, you read that correctly! The homeware store that makes us build our own products are now letting us build our own chocolates and we are seriously, seriously, loving it!

The VÅRKÄNSLA chocolate bunny is milk-chocolate, three-pieces (so super easy to build) and costs $6AUD.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that it’s also UTZ certified cacao? So it ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers!

OK, we don’t know about you guys but we’ll take any excuse to venture out to IKEA and, let's face it, eat chocolate (so it's a big tick from us).



Lead Image/ Instagram