Angelina Jolie says she tried this to save her marriage to Brad Pitt

By Sangeeta Kocharekar December 6, 2017

Our hearts hurt.

Okay, we'll admit it. Our hearts still pang with pain when we think about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's break-up. They seemed like the perfect couple for years and then bam, they separated and our lives we were thrown for a loop. 

Since announcing their separation, Angelina hasn’t said much about what actually went down between the two. So, in this week’s The Hollywood Report podcast Awards Chatter, it came as a surprise when she touched on the topic. She revealed that she tried to save their marriage by working on 2015 film By The Sea together. The film, written and directed by Angelina, centred on a marriage in crisis.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

“We had met working together and we worked together well. I wanted us to do some serious work together ... I thought it would be a good way for us to communicate.”

She continued, saying in some ways it was and that they did learn things, but there was a heaviness that wasn't because of the film. 

“It was something that we were dealing [with] ... things happen for different reasons, and things ... why did I write that exact piece? Why did we feel that way when we made it? I’m not sure.

“A piece of art can be something that’s healing or something that’s difficult. I don’t know. I’m glad we did that film because we did explore something together. Whatever it was maybe it didn’t solve certain things, but we did communicate something that needed to be communicated to each other.”

Our hearts. :(