Beware of the latest prank which can completely crash your phone and computer!

By Marni Dixit January 27, 2016

A prank is making its way around the Internet that crashes your phone and computer!

The prank started with people sending the link to unsuspecting iPhone users for the recipient to have their phone crash!

What happens is that the link overloads your phone because the code features a never-ending string of characters. This causes Safari to crash, which can confuse the phone so much so it also gives up and restarts.

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It's not just affecting iPhones, though with Macs, PC's and Androids now being targeted with the link making the device super slow as it tries to load the link.

People are putting the site's URL through URL shorteners so people don't realise they're clicking on the link, making it difficult to protect yourself - basically just don't click on any links that people you don't know are sending you!

If you do accidentally click the link, reboot your computer or phone straight away as it will not be able to handle the code.

At this point it seems nothing specifically malicious comes of clicking the link, but you never know when that will change so be careful!

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