This insane Japanese gift-wrapping style will take you 30 seconds

By Cassie Steel December 2, 2016

Master this present-wrapping hack and you’ve pretty much won every birthday, ever

If you ask for something to be gift wrapped in a Japanese department store, 11 times out of 10 it’s going to look so immaculate that no-one will ever want to open it. And chances are they’ll have it done before you can say, “Can you come to my place and fold all my clothes for me?”

Among the speediest wrappers are the staff at retail giant Takashimaya, who claim to be able to wrap a present in 30 seconds.  

For people that are into watching people folding things neatly, YouTuber BeatTheBush has created a video that breaks down Takashimaya’s insane technique. Only involving three pieces of tape and three folds, mastering it will save you tons of time come your friend/fam/dog's birthday time.  

Lead image: Getty