What it's really like to fly first class

By Stephanie Nuzzo October 7, 2016
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Flying first class to be one of the best once-in-a-lifetime experiences to be had – we uncover what it's really like

Now, depending on the airline you buy your fancy pants first-class ticket with, you will be treated to slightly different experience but here are a few of our favourites from the general list of luxuries.

1. NO queues

First benefit? When you fly first-class you do not wait in line with the rest of the plebs. Imagine that? Turning up at the airport and just strolling on through to check-in without a care in the world.

2. Extra luggage

Apparently, flying with the high rollers means you get the option to stow three pieces of luggage on board. That last minute panic, praying your bag weighs under the 20kg mark? Gone. What a dream.

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3. Comfy lounge hangs

Once you’re all checked in and ready to fly, you get to kick back in a ritzy first-class lounge with all the other millionaires. Here you can indulge in a bite to eat and a glass of booze for free. Oh man… and free things taste so much better than paid-for things.

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4. Your seat is a bed

Once you board the plane, you’ll be shown your seat (read: palace). This is a private suite that is walled off from other passengers and is fitted with a large TV screen, a sizable fold-out dining table and a seat that reclines into a full-length bed.

Sounds better than most houses…

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5. The food is actually good

Often in the world of first-class flying, you can custom order meals that are genuinely tasty and are served on china plates... Seriously. And we’ve all been eating that same meat, potato and bean in-flight dish for 10 years?

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Does anyone have a spare couple thousand for us?