This woman lost 54kg with the teaspoon diet and is now a model!

By Marni Dixit January 13, 2017
Mathilde Broberg

Alright, where's a teaspoon?

Mathilde Broberg once weighed 121 kilograms with a BMI that had her sitting in the morbidly obese category. Nowadays she's unrecognisable and working as a model and personal trainer, shedding her extra weight with the help of a teaspoon.

The 21-year-old tricked her body into feeling fuller quicker by eating with a teaspoon and ensuring her portions were no bigger than her hand. It was an unflattering photo that made her decide to make a change, she told Caters:

“Before, I would buy all the things you dream of like chips, chocolate, cake, noodles and lots of junk food between meals.”

“After seeing a picture from our school production, I realised how big I was and knew there was no way I could go to college looking how I did, I knew it would be a living nightmare.”

Broberg lost 54kg and now weighs a healthy 67kg, but after dropping so much weight, she found a new hurdle in her sagging skin. Luckily for the trainer, she got help from the Danish government for the $10,000 tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin. 

“Before the surgery, I felt trapped inside a body that wasn’t really mine, now that my excess skin is gone I feel like I’ve transformed into the real me.”

What's Broberg's favourite part about being the "real" her? While the whole modelling thing is awesome, it's the fact she can now turn down the boys who once bullied her:

“Out of nowhere I’ve suddenly became interesting to the boys. I’ve turned down a lot of people who have asked me out because if they can’t handle me at my biggest they don’t deserve me now."

Plus, it looks like she's totally loved up now with fellow health and fitness lover, Frederik Lundberg.

It seems Mathilde is in a much happier place now!

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