This guy's Fitbit captured the EXACT moment he had his heart broken.

By Marni Dixit January 21, 2016

So it turns out your Fitbit can track more than just your fitness, it can also track your heartbreak!

Koby Soto, 28, from Tel Aviv recently found this out after being dumped by his boyfriend over the phone.

At around midday the breakup occurred with Koby checking in on his Fitbit app later that evening - due to the whole breakup thing, he hadn't had any time to workout that day, which is why he was surprised by what he saw.

In a photo he uploaded to Twitter, Koby pointed out the time he got the call from his now ex, showing his heart rate massively spiked:

His heart rate shot up from his resting heart rate of 72 up to over 90 beats per minute, even getting up to 118 before dropping back down as he tried to sleep.

This tricked his Fitbit into thinking he had been working out for an hour and 32 minutes:

Another Twitter user sent Koby a photo of his exercise graph from 2015 which clearly showed a change in his habits during his breakup in July:

Another user said, "That is simultaneously heartbreaking & fascinating," which we can't help but agree with!