He was once obese and bullied - now he's lost half his body weight and looks AMAZING!

By Marni Dixit March 8, 2016
Austin Shifflett's weight loss transformation

Now, they're asking HIM for advice!

Austin Shifflett was once called "Fat Boy" by school bullies thanks to his love of fast food and soft drink, the taunting was so bad he would skip classes and was even taken to court for truancy.

Speaking to the Mirror, Austin, who has now shed half his body weight, said, "I thought it was just baby weight and it would get better but it didn't, it just got out of control.

Austin Shifflett


"School was pretty bad. I didn't want to be around people that much.

"It affected my school education so I had to be held back. I was so behind with my school work and that was when the bullying really started."

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The 22 year old said his classmates would call him Fat Boy in gym class and then it just stuck, not one to be confrontational, Austin simply pretended it wasn't affecting him.

Austin Shifflett body transformation


He would then turn to junk food as a way of finding comfort, but couldn't believe when the scales tipped 324lbs which is about 147kg - 45kg over what he should have weighed.

"I got off the scale, turned it off and on again and got back on. I just couldn't believe it was right. I was crushed. I never saw myself being in the three hundreds," he said.

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It was then that his grandma recommended the Atkins diet, and after losing four kilos in the first week he was so excited he continued and with diet alone he lost 36kg in three months.

After ten months he'd lost 70kg after adding in late night gym workouts when no one could see him working out. 

Austin Shifflett body transformation


"Now some of the people that bullied me now message me for tips, that's one of the best things," he told the publication.

Austin has even featured in People Magazine's "Half Their Size" issue! 

Despite the huge transformation both inside and out, Austin still has almost five kilos of excess skin he would like to have removed, which he has launched a GoFundMe page for. 

"I'm ready to throw my shirt off - I work out twice a day and I love running but I still feel trapped in my own body."

Austin Shifflett


Austin hopes to study sports medicine so he can help others do what he has done.

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