This natural spa is every bit as blissful as you'd expect

By Sangeeta Kocharekar May 2, 2016

Dubbed 'The Natural Spa', this rock pool in Injidup will tick all your bliss boxes

Unsurprisingly we’ve observed a direct correlation between the rise of Instagram and the crowds at once-secret natural spots. Whether it be a stunning waterfall, swimming hole, or an epic aerial view, the very Instagrammable destinations are getting busier and busier by the day.

And we’re about to blow the lid on another such spot – a natural spa in the Margaret River area of Western Australia. Only a couple hours south of Perth, this natural rock pool receives ocean waves through a narrow ‘rock alley’ causing the water to foam as it enters the pool giving the illusion of being in a jacuzzi. Sitting with your back against the alley when the water comes in through the narrow way even feels a bit like sitting against a spa jet. 

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To reach the dream area, head down to the end of Wyadup Road in the Yallingup area. At the car park, walk down the rocks on the left side of the lot, and you'll find it on the right. As is always the case with rock pools, be aware of the surf and don't head into the water if the waves are looking rough. 


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Photos | @sangeetatatiana, @noeld