New Apple update could kill your iPhone

By Huna A February 8, 2016
iphone in toilet

If ‘Error 53’ ever comes up on your iPhone screen, say goodbye to your phone.

Apple customers have been complaining of the mysterious ‘Error 53’ since November last year when iOS 9 update was introduced.

According to The Guardian, if your device has been repaired by a third-party (i.e. not Apple) updating the iOS can cause your phone to be ‘bricked’ or ‘killed’

Thousands have been left with useless devices as the error causes your phone to die completely with all data completely irretrievable. 

At first assumed to be an bug in iOS 9, Apple have now confirmed that it is actually a security feature to protect users of iPhone 6. The feature is supposed to prevent someone stealing your phone and replacing the Touch Sensor ID. By replacing the Touch Sensor, they will then have access to all your credit card and personal information. 

Apple are fully aware that this security feature is affecting regular users, but has neglected to inform them of ‘Error 53’ and how to avoid it.

In an interview via the Guardian, one journalist stated he had his iPhone repaired while covering a war-zone; “I desperately needed it for work I got it fixed at a local shop, as there are no Apple stores in Macedonia.” Now, after an update he has lost all information on his phone and has had to pay the full price for a new device. 

It’s common knowledge that third-party repairs cost less than going to Apple directly. Many customers think this is Apple’s way of forcing you pay more for repairs.