This is the real reason you hate the way you look in photos

By Marni February 9, 2016
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We NEVER realised this...

You know how you take a bunch of photos and still can't find a photo you actually like of yourself?

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Well it turns out there's a perfectly valid reason for that...

According to Nick Stockton from Wired, we've all become so used to our mirror image - the face that's staring back at us when we check ourselves out. 

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So when we see photos of ourselves, the image we see isn't a mirror image so it looks really alien to us.

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Stockton brings up the idea of 'mere-exposure', which basically means we react more favourably to things we're used to - such as our faces in the mirror.

Basically a photo shows us what we REALLY look like and not the mirror image of ourselves so we haven't realised that's actually what we look like and find it really strange.

If you've downloaded Snapchat you would know this - the app doesn't flip your selfies so you actually get the mirror image of yourself, i.e. the one you're used to.

What it all means is that when we see a photo of ourselves and don't like what we see, it's likely because we find our inverse self more attractive!

So just remember that next time you take a selfie and aren't into the way you look...

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