Australia's most attractive and unattractive jobs in the dating world

By Marni Dixit January 18, 2016
Dr Mike

Dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, has revealed the professions that single men and women find most attractive in a partner.

While it may come as little surprise to find out doctors were at the top or near the top of the lists of most attractive jobs, you'd be surprised to find out what fell in the least attractive categories...

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Dr Mike, who named 'sexiest doctor alive' by People Magazine, reveals the reason women find doctors so attractive.

"The field of medicine is one you have to have a lot of dedication to enter. It shows you’re really committed, and that’s one of the most important factors women look for in a relationship," he told the publication.

Coffee Meets Bagel listed this jobs as the most attractive male jobs:

1. Doctor

2. Finance

3. Law

4. Start-up

5. Marketing

When it came to most attractive female jobs these ones topped the list:

1. Start-up

2. Fashion

3. Consulting

4. Marketing

5. Doctor

The dating app also revealed the least attractive jobs with both the male and female lists sharing similarities.

The least attractive male jobs were:

1. Engineer

2. Teacher

3. HR

And the least attractive female jobs were:

1. Teacher

2. Engineer

3. Government

Dr Mike revealed he didn't mind what field his partner were to work in, as long as they were "passionate and motivated" in their job.

"If they’re lacklustre, or not motivated or driven in whatever they choose to do at work, it translates in to their everyday life," he added.

Do you agree with the lists, or think a person's job doesn't matter?

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