These school boys were kicked out of class for their haircuts!

By Marni Dixit January 27, 2016

Two boys from Sir John Hunt Community Sports College in the UK were kicked out of class and thrown in isolation for their haircuts.

Kieran Roberts, 12, and Dan Scrawley, 13, got side-parted haircuts over the weekend and were immediately removed from class by teachers.

School boys haircuts

The cuts, which feature very short back and sides, with longer hair on top were apparently too edgy for the school with their guardians saying the boys' cuts comply with the school rules.

Kieran's dad, William, said he won't "back down" and Kieran will be getting the same haircut next time he goes to the hairdresser.

"Kieran has had that hairstyle ever since the beginning of Year 7 at that school," he said.

"Isolation means they aren’t allowed break times or out at lunch times or allowed to mix with the general population of the school.

"When they go to lunch they’ve got to sit at a table away from all of the other children – it’s an absolute joke."

What do you think, should the boys be made to fix their hair or is their new look fine for school?