The weird reason bridesmaids wear matching dresses

By Gemma Prendergast June 15, 2016
Bridesmaids dresses

Have you ever wondered why bridesmaids wear matching outfits? Well here is your answer…

It’s an age old tradition- bridesmaids wearing matching, somewhat ugly dresses, but have you ever wondered the reason behind it? 

Well, we finally have our answer and it’s a weird one. 

Patrick Jones from Buzz60 gave us our answer in a video, stating that the reason actually dates back to Ancient Rome. 

“The custom dates all the way back to ancient Rome, when everyone in the bridal party, including the bride herself, wore matching outfits. That way, anyone trying to make off with the bride- be it another suitor or just an evil- would be confused, and unable to determine which one was the newly wedded woman.” 

Bridesmaids dresses

Just recently a bride took the concept of bridesmaids all looking the same a little too seriously

Reddit user Bridehairthrowaway shared the story of her bridezilla BFF who made a ridiculous request of her bridesmaids. 

Essentially, no one was allowed to have red hair. 

She wrote on Reddit- 

“So I’ve known my friend, who I’ll refer to as Ella, since I was a child as she’s the daughter of family friends but we’ve only become close in the past 2 or 3 years. 

She recently became engaged, and I readily accepted her offer to be part of her bridal party. Yesterday morning, I received an email from Ella. It seemed pretty standard but then when she got into the look she wants for her bridesmaids she wrote ‘Bridehairthrowaway, you’ll need to dye your hair for the day, I’ll take you to my hairdresser and cover the cost.’

This had never been mentioned to me. I’m a natural ginger, so it’s not like I have an outrageous hair colour, although Ella and her other bridesmaids are all brunettes.

I texted Ella about it, she told me my hair would clash with the wedding colours and that brides get veto over pretty much ever aspect of her bridesmaids’ appearance.”

Bridesmaids dresses

This just seems a little too extreme for us!