You'll be surprised at what men and women regard as the 'perfect man'

By Marni Dixit February 4, 2016
Chris Hemsworth in Vacation

It seems men and women have COMPLETELY different ideas of what the 'perfect man' would look like!

It seems that according to men, women are only attracted to the muscly type with perfect hair and piercing eyes - the Chris Hemsworths and Brad Pitts of the world basically!

BUT as it turns out we women actually prefer the "boy next door" type.

In a study done by British clothing company for men, Jacamo, “72 percent of women in the UK actually prefer men with the ‘boy next door’ look as opposed to luscious hulks.”

According to the study a whopping 62% of men thought women were after men with Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman's arms, David Gandy's torso, and Cristiano Ronaldo's legs.

This is the perfect man according to men on the left, and women's actual dream guy is on the right, a man with Prince Harry's hair, James Corden's face, Paddy McGuinness' arms, Ben Cohen's torso and Jonathan Ross' legs:

Perfect man according to men and women


The study did have its flaws, as only heterosexual men and women were asked and they were all people from the UK.

The study concluded, "Men with well-toned bodies are, initially, regarded as attractive, but it is the man with the little bit of excess flab around the waist who often wins the day."

The fact men thought women wanted the rugged man perhaps goes back to the fact past research says men worry about body image just as much as women!

Guys, don't worry so much! Clearly you can still get the girl if you don't have the muscly physique, just be yourself, tell her she looks beautiful and be a gentleman - you got this!

James Corden carpool karaoke Adele