Bono recalls naked parties with "funny f**ker" Michael Hutchence

By Giles Hardie October 14, 2017

While Simon Le Bon admits he and INXS frontman drove drunk “so much of the time” 

U2 singer Bono has leant his voice to many causes and many, many songs. 

But when he speaks about Michael Hutchence it is in very different tones. 

"Michael would strip naked and be in the pool... and then serve you breakfast," he recalls with a smirk, admiring the Australian's ability to bounce back the morning after a night of partying. 

INXS Michael Hutchence SOURCE: Getty

The Irish superstar appears in the Seven documentary Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar to recall evenings spent on summer holidays in the South of France with Michael. 

He finds a strong meaning in the recollection of Michael's reaction to the death of Kurt Cobain. 

"He was talking about Kurt Cobain," Bono says of a time the pair discussed the Nirvana front man's suicide. 

"He said if Kurt just had a chance to be up late and hang with mates like we are and swim in the sea he’d still be here."

Michael said without friends like Bono "That’s when you lose your sense of humour."

Bono recalled saying to Michael that he didn't really know Kurt but "I know you’re a funny f**ker."

Michael Hutchence SOURCE: Seven

He feels that sheds some light on Michael's suicide in 1997.

"When he ran out of that frothy fun loving side of life. When he lost that joy. That’s when we lost him."

But for Bono the memories are all of the party-loving Australian who would arrive unannounced at Bono's French getaway.

"He’d climb over the gates at midnight and just say ‘anything going on?’"

Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon recalls the time well. 

Simon Le Bon Duran Duran

"That was my favourite summer," he says with a smile. "It was a little bit naughty."

"We drove drunk so much of the time. We were absolutely plastered."

Simon, who appears throughout the documentary speaks with intense fondness for his late friend.

"He liked girls, he liked drugs, he liked partying."

Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar airs on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th October on the Seven Network



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