Belle Gibson faked a seizure and the account is chilling

By Sangeeta Kocharekar November 13, 2017
Belle Gibson

This is seriously disturbing.

Will the Belle Gibson madness never stop? More details about her over-the-top lying have been released as an excerpt from a new book about her life called The Woman Who Fooled The World, released today.

The excerpt describes an incident at Belle's son Oli's fourth birthday, in which she faked a seizure for 40 minutes. Just as guests were about to leave the party at her Elwood home, Belle's "eyes rolled back into her head", her legs buckled and she (conveniently) hit the wall and slid down it, shaking on the floor.

One of her friends told the book's authors Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano said:

“It was scary. It was so violent, the adults were crying.”

Of course Belle didn't allow an ambulance to be called because of the whole none of it being real thing. 

The story is seriously disturbing, but if you do want to read it in detail, it's here