Ryan Gallagher from MAFS confesses to botched plastic surgery

By Ally Parker February 9, 2018


Ryan has been making headlines for his spot on MAFS (or rather, for his 'wife' Davina) and today is no different.

Okay, a little different.

Instead of reporting on a spat with Instagram-hungry Davina, we're here instead to tell you about Ryan's botched rhinoplasty.

The reality TV contestant, 29, has revealed to NW Magazine that his nose job, a procedure he underwent prior to MAFS, set him back $6,000 and was unfortunately, botched.

"I basically had the inside of my nose drilled out, but it was a s**t job and so I has these things up my nose holding it open for a while," he told the publication.

Unsuprisingly, Ryan's on-screen bride, Davina, has also had plastic surgery - we know, SHOCKER.

She told TV Week about being self-conscious of her "flat chest". Her father paid for her breast enhancement surgery when she was 18 to boost her confidence.

"I've had a boob job, but now want to go full Kim K with a Brazilian butt lift. I contemplate something new everyday," she told Woman's Day.

An eagle-eyed viewer might also notice that she's had her lips done.

But only if you look realllllll close.

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Image: MAFS / Channel 9