Telv LEAVES the commitment ceremony on MAFS

By Ally Parker March 8, 2018
Telv smile MAFS Network Nine.gif

Pls explain.

While Wednesday night's episode saw some MAFS contestants triumph (Charlene and Patrick) and others fail miserably in their attempts at basic human kindness and empathy (Dean and Troy), it would appear Sunday's upcoming episode is where things really get going.

How you ask?

Well, the trailer for Sunday's commitment ceremony shows something we never thought possible:

Telv walking out on Sarah.

The tradie can be seen walking away in a preview for the upcoming episode with a relationship 'expert' asking, "Where's Telv gone?" and has honestly shaken us to the core.

The pair had a less than great week on the show with Telv paying a bit too much attention to his SnapChat according to Sarah. They also didn't go too smoothly at the dinner party with Sarah needing to take a time out after getting upset.


C'MON! We're rooting for you two.

The trailer comes after reports of Telv engaging in some not-so-great behaviour outside of the experiment and allegations of past criminal behaviour.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9