Another Married At First Sight couple have confirmed their split

By Marni Dixit February 15, 2019
MAFS boys

Definitely out of the honeymoon phase!

Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule has confirmed her split with 'husband' Nic Jovanovic, saying he only wanted to be on the show for fame.

The 29-year-old told Woman's Day's MAFS Confessional podcast she "probably won't be dating for a while" after her experience on the show.

Cyrell didn't say she'd broken up with Nic, but continued to speak about their relationship in the past tense and criticised him repeatedly.

She added that Nic and some of the other male contestants are hoping to take advantage of their newfound 'fame' to sleep with MAFS fans.

"Anyone that was to come in my life now, especially after [MAFS] airing, I'm not going to think they are genuine."

"Like, are you talking to me because you like me, or are you talking to me because I was part of Married At First Sight? 

"Whereas the boys, they'll think of it differently. 'Oh, I was on Married At First Sight  let's r**t and boot all these girls that come along'. I'm not like that."

She continued:

"That's the sad part. People actually think they're going to end up at the Oscars or something!"

"[The fame lasts for] maximum six months. Settle down! They honestly think they're going to be the next Nicole Kidman or Brad Pitt. They just want Instagram followers."

She added:

"I think I'm at that point where I probably won't be dating for a while. Not until this s**t quietens down."

It was during this interview that Cyrell confirmed there's a sex tape of Nic going around the Internet. 

"I'm getting DM'd [direct messaged] right now a sex video of his."

She explained the footage wasn't "from the show" and "came from someone in Perth". 

When asked if it was "definitely Nic" she asked:

"Do you want to watch it with me right now?"

However, they couldn't discuss any further as someone in the background is heard interrupting. 

Very interesting!

Image: Channel Nine