Aussie actress, Tania Zaetta pregnant with twins

By Christina Cavaleri June 12, 2018

The pair had trouble conceiving naturally.

Aussie actress, Tania Zaetta has announced she is pregnant with twins.

The 48-year-old is expecting her babies with boyfriend Chris Rodgers, 35.

The actress who is known for her time on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ and is a Bollywood star.

The pair spoke to Woman’s Day about the trouble conceiving. They could not conceive naturally so they went to Greece where they found an anonymous egg donor who resembled Tania.

IVF worked the first time round.

“To be able to have an egg donor baby, that’s the miracle to me.

“It’s very confronting when you hear the number and quality of your eggs is quite low at 45.

“But there were so many woman claiming miracle babies at 45, I just thought it would happen quite easily.”

The couple have been dating for 5 years and met at Chris’ spa he manages. 

“You don’t choose who you fall in love with, you don’t choose the age, job or what they look like. 

“Chemistry strikes when it strikes.”

Image credit: Instagram/@TaniaZaetta