Laura Byrne Shows Off Baby Bump In Adorbable Insta Post

By Ally Parker April 18, 2019

Baby's getting bigger!

Laura Byrne has shared what can only be described as a gloooooowing - yes, with that many 'o's - post on Instagram to celebrate her 32nd week of pregnancy.

Laura, who met partner (and Nova host!) Matty J on The Bachelor, captioned the photo:

"In case you haven't seen enough of me in my undies lately. This little June bug was measuring on the small side a fortnight ago, but in the last week it's grown a big ol chunky booty which is sitting right up inside my right rib cage," she wrote.

"I was one of those annoying peacocky pregnant ladies who said things like 'pregnancy is bliss, it's breezy easy so far' and now I can’t touch my toes, or breathe, and every burp could very well be a surprise spew," she added.

The post comes after the couple hosted a baby shower at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel in Sydney with Laura sharing her excitement (and one heck of a balloon arch) on the 'gram:

"Yesterday we celebrated Baby Johnson with all the family, friends and pastel we could muster. I’m so full to the brim of love and completely off my tits on sugar," she wrote.

"We can’t wait to meet this little human we have made. It still completely blows my mind that we have no idea if we are Mum and Dad to a little girl or boy - 10 WEEKS TO GO!! To all our family and friends who made yesterday so very special, we love you!! (Please keep an eye on the mail as we will be sending out your baby sitting roster shortly)."

Image: Instagram / Laura Byrne