Bindi Irwin Dragged By Haters For Being “Too Nice” On Dancing With The Stars

By Krisinda Merhi April 2, 2019

“Look I’m sure Bindi is a lovely person but…” 

Bindi Irwin is Australia’s sweetheart. 

She’s grown up before our very eyes and built an entire career on her personality. 

She’s a zookeeper, TV presenter, wildlife conservationist, was the star of her own TV show back in the day and has been known to dabble in acting. 

She's also quite the talented dancer which she proved during a stint on the US version of Dancing With The Stars (which she casually won).

The current season of Dancing With The Stars Australia is airing on Network Ten and Bindi appeared as a guest judge on Monday night’s episode.

You would think that the people of Australia would be proud of Bindi’s success, seeing as she’s Australia’s sweetheart and all, but no. 

Instead, people decided to drag Bindi for being NICE (???) to competitors.

Since when does being nice mean you’re a fake person? Would people really rather believe someone is acting than being a genuine human being? 

Why is the world so weird?!

The criticism didn’t stop there. Because picking on Bindi’s personality wasn't enough, the haters soon moved on to her physical appearance. 

Since when is shiny hair a bad thing? I would love shiny hair. I’ll trade you my thick frizzy hair for some beautiful shiny hair. 

I would also trade my left kidney (not really, but close) for people to just be kind human beings. 

Thankfully not everyone in the world jumped at the chance at dragging Bindi ‘Ray Of Sunshine’ Irwin. 

A handful were kind and helped restore my faith in humanity:

Take away message: 

Images: Dancing With The Stars / Channel 10 , Giphy / Giphy.