Bindi Irwin is reportedly engaged to long-time boyfriend Chandler Powell

By Krisinda Merhi January 22, 2019

We are not okay

Bindi Irwin is Australia’s sweetheart. And her long-term relationship with Florida-born beau Chandler Powell is the definition of #goals. 

It’s also a definite way to scare any older, singleton into accepting they’re doomed to dine alone forever because a 19-year-old has a better love-life than them. 

But enough about us. 

Bindi and Chandler have reportedly taken their picture-perfect relationship to the next level and gotten engaged. 

Chandlers family is currently in Aus which is, well, ideal. 

Sources told Woman's Day that Chandler, “would want his parents there when he pops the question.”

And according to the Daily Mail, the couple held a “secret party” to celebrate their engagement. 

We don’t know about celebrating getting married, but Chandler’s dad, Chris, did share a pretty cute group snap to his Instagram recently:

“We clean up and had a great evening last night! Bindi is making this such a memorable trip for us!’,” he captioned the picture. 

Chandler’s family have been spending a lot of time with Bindi and the Australia Zoo team, meeting furry friends and touring Queensland. 

Chandler recently relocated from the Unites States to be with Bindi so it makes sense that his family is visiting. 

We’re not ruling engagement out completely but we’re pretty sure these two youngins are just busy living their lives. 

Images: Bindi Irwin / Instagram.