Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Announce Pregnancy Number Three

By Ally Parker May 3, 2019

Baby #3!

Blake Lively has officially pulled a Beyonce.

And by that, we mean 'Just casually rocked up with a baby bump like it was NBD'.

Yup! Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds are officially expecting baby number three, making the casual announcement at the premiere of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

The new bub will join 4-year-old daughter James and 2-year-old daughter Ines.

The addition isn't too out of the blue, with Blake telling Marie Claire that she would "spit out a litter of kids" if she could.

Now, this was all before she had the first one, way back in 2014, so it's safe to say her jokes about a "litter" and "30" kids may have subsided a touch.

Either way, BIG congrats!

Image: Getty / Angela Weiss / Contributor, Getty / Michael Stewart / Contributor