The Block is divided after two teams make a deal for extra money

By Marni Dixit September 17, 2018
The Block Monopoly

“That’s not the game, that’s cheating."

Contestants on The Block will do anything for extra cash including “splitting The Block forever” with two teams forming an alliance “under the table” creating a huge divide amongst the group.

On Sunday night’s episode, the teams played a game of Block Monopoly with $20,580 up for grabs.

Scott Cam soon figured out the penthouse teams Norm and Jess and Bianca and Carla had struck a deal to split the cash if either of them won before the game. 

It turns out they did win, so both teams walked away with an extra $10,290 each, unsurprisingly the other teams weren’t impressed with them.

Norm didn’t actually know Jess had made the deal, but the teams were fuming when they found out.

Sara asked:

“Is that even allowed?”

“That’s not the game, that’s cheating, I’m actually not impressed so now it’s like bad blood.”

Bianca admitted:

“I don’t think they’ll think it’s fair what we’ve done”.

“But the thing we are learning about The Block, and I like to think we’re quite savvy and Jess and Norm are also quite savvy, is that there’s no rule book here.”

However, the other groups would no doubt have been happy when the extra cash didn’t show in this week’s room reveal with the penthouse teams coming equal second last with a score of 26.5.

Kerrie and Spence’s “perfect” kitchen topped the scoreboard with a score of 30.

Their kitchen was the biggest kitchen the judges had ever seen, and the most expensive with a $46,000 fridge and wine rack.

The judges called it the perfect kitchen for cooking and entertaining and that it was difficult to fault anything.

Image: Channel Nine