The Block's Ronnie and Georgia know they're hated and they're here to set the record straight

By Giles Hardie October 11, 2017
the_block_channel_9 Ronnie and Georgia

Ronnie and Georgia reveal all

Ronnie and Georgia want you to know that the couple you’ve come to know on The Block is the real them.

“When we decided to do the show there’s no one else you can be but yourself.”

Yes, love them or hate them, Ronnie and Georgia aren’t acting, even if not everything you’ve seen has been a perfect reflection of their 90 days on the show.

But one thing is true: They knew they were hated… and they loved it.

“We knew we were hated from the start but we didn’t realise to what extent,” confesses Ronnie who found the process of watching the show back after living it quite eye opening.

True to form, he and Georgia quickly disagree. She contradicts him saying: “settle down I don’t think we were hated!”

Ronnie is quick to clarify that he meant hated by other contestants, not by the audience.

“I’m talking about Keep It North. We didn’t know what we had done wrong. Watching them bitch behind the cameras. I was like 'wow that’s pretty full on what have we done?'”

And on that point, they agree.

“Oh sure, we were hated,” admits Georgia.

Disagreement is nothing new to the Perth couple, as even casual viewers could attest, but they are adamant that they were never on the rocks during the renovation, despite all the bickering.

“It was going to take a lot more than that to break us up,” says Ronnie. “The Block was nothing.”

Georgia felt the show leaned on their spats a little too much in the early weeks.

“I think initially watching back I feel like the editing was to a point where it was really focusing on that. I watched back thinking ‘Hey! That’s heavy, we made up straight after that!’

“But as the season progressed its died off.”

The fights that were real were with their Block co-stars, and there is still venom in their discussion of their neighbours to the north.

They acknowledge there is real tension between themselves and Josh and Elyse’s “northern alliance” (with Sticks and Wombat).

“I think there is and that’s something they’ve decided to do,” says Ronnie. “To put a line down the middle and keep everything north.”

Georgia lays the blame with the neighbours as well.

“There was no opportunity at any point for us to all be mates because of that division that they made so very clear.”

She’s also clear about which team are pulling the strings in the opposition camp, suggesting Josh and Elyse carefully chose to bond with a team who posed no threat.

“If Sticks and Wombat were winning rooms consistently and being competitive, I wonder if they would have had that alliance?”

On that point they agree, with Ronnie adding:

“I think that alliance hasn’t really helped them out. I think Josh and Elyse got more out of that than Sticks and Wombat.”