Brooke Blurton Says Honey Badger Slid Into Her DMs Post Bachelor

By Krisinda Merhi July 9, 2019

“As soon as he probably landed in Australia and got his phone back, he messaged me…”

Last years’ Bachelor was, shall we say, unexpected. 

Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins not picking any winner was the twist no one saw coming. Except for third runner up Brooke Blurton. 

Brooke initially explained  she knew Nick was planning on picking no one while on Bachelor In Paradise and this week has shared more details of exactly how that conversation went down. 

Speaking to Shameless podcast, Brooke said: 

“We were on the motorbike and he stopped the Go Pros, I was having to hold my mic against him so the sound wouldn't go through and he held his and he's driving.

“But he's mimicking "three, zero, me, zero" and doing these finger movements with his hands.  

“At the time I was like, "What is this guy trying to say?!" And, practically, he was saying at the end of this… and he was saying it vocally as well, but it was so hard with the motorbike. But he was saying, at the end of this he's not going to pick anyone.”

Bachelorau GIF by The Bachelor Australia

Brooke also shared that Nick slid into her Instagram DMs once everything was said and done. 

“After the show, it didn't stop there,” she said. “The confusion from him kept coming. As soon as he probably landed in Australia and got his phone back, he messaged me being like "The show didn't end the way it would've ended”.”

Brooke said she and Nick were messaging but not in the usual way.

“We weren't even messaging like text messaging. It was all Instagram photos so there was no proof that he had said anything because it was through photos.”

For those not familiar with the gram, photos sent in chat automatically disappear after being viewed. Kinda like Snapchat. 

bachelorau GIF by The Bachelor Australia

Brooke has officially put all that drama behind her. She’s got herself a new man and is happier than ever.

Images: The Bachelor / Channel 10 Giphy / Giphy.