Carrie Bickmore's body image plea on The Project

By Marni Dixit May 18, 2017
The Project

During The Project last night, Carrie Bickmore became emotional while discussing body image

While discussing Taryn Brumfitt's body positivity documentary Embrace,  Carrie Bickmore emotionally brought up the fears she has for her daughter's future. 

“When I think about growing up, I didn’t grow up in a family that focused on body image, weight, or anything."

“Yet I still have days, hours, moments, where I look in the mirror and know how I think and feel about myself — let alone my daughter, who’s growing up in this world.”

“I actually feel ... What is that world going to — how are they going to feel about themselves?”

“What can I do as a mum to make sure she grows up with a good body image? I don’t know. I feel like it’s a lost cause ... It feels like it’s a real problem that’s spinning out of control, getting worse and worse.”

Agreeing with his co-host, Waleed Aly added:

“Interventions like that film [Embrace] are really important — but I feel like you need one of those films, like, every week.”

Earlier this year, Carrie also revealed how scared she was that Evie might have a warped sense of reality thanks to social media:

“When I look at social media or Instagram with an adult brain, sometimes I find it hard to work out what is real and what’s not."

“If I had seen all of that as a kid, I don’t know what my view of the world would be — and how that would shape my view of the world, and how I see the world.”

Image: Channel Ten