Carrie Underwood reveals face after "40 stitches" due to fall

By Ally Parker January 2, 2018
Carrie Underwood face after stitches revealed

She previously warned she might "look a bit different".

TMZ previously reported that country music singer Carrie Underwood was expected to look a little different in the new year after a serious fall at her house.

The publication say Carrie sent a health update on Sunday to members of her fan club, revealing her doctor patched her face up with "between 40 to 50 stitches" after a fall at her home in November. She also underwent surgery as a result of the fall and broke her wrist during the incident.

Carrie went on to say she's currently healing, but "not quite looking the same". She reportedly ended the message with:

"And when I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different."

Since this time, it would appear a US reality star chef Adrienne Gang has revealed the 'new Carrie' after running into Underwood at the gym. She has shared an image of what Carrie's "different" face looks like:

Yeah, we're not really seeing much either.

Maybe it's an IRL thing?

“I had no idea she got hurt prior to meeting her,” Gang told Us Weekly. “She had a wrist brace on, but I didn’t think much of it until I saw the headlines after I posted our picture together. I didn’t notice anything amiss on her face. Simply, she looked lovely. She was extremely friendly and gracious.”

A recent photo posted to Instagram showed the blonde covered up with a scarf.

While the image's hashtags imply this is due to the cold, many fans have seen it as a sign she is not coping with the changes to her face and are giving support.

"...scars are part of your story. I know that you'll never met most of us who have come to love you so much but please know that your physical appearance is only one part of who you are," wrote one fan.

"Wishing you a speedy recovery Carrie and know you are beautiful no matter what!" said another.

"You are beautiful inside and out, but more importantly you have worked to make the world a more beautiful, loving place through your music and positive voice."

Lead Image: Instagram / Carrie Underwood