Casey Donovan's joke on I'm A Celebrity premiere being called inappropriate

By Kirsty Sier January 30, 2017
Casey Donovan

The former Australian Idol winner is known for being open about her former addiction

Last night,  I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here premiered on Channel 10, which sees a host of celebrities semi-voluntarily thrust into the jungle to tough it out with snakes, spiders and who knows what other manner of creepy crawlies.

Already, the show - as can only be expected of any reality television programme - has delivered up its share of controversy, with Casey Donovan making a raunchy joke.

The joke came when co-contestant Ash Pollard expressed trepidation about things "slithering" where they were unwanted.

"What happens if something slithers between, you know... where you don't want it to go?" she asked, pointing towards her shirt.

"Many things have slithered between..." quipped Donovan in response.

The former Australian Idol winner has historically been very open about her former sex addition. In her memoir Big, Beautiful and Sexy, the 28-year-old singer opened up about the affect of her now-famous fake online relationship. She revealed how she was duped into a hoax relationship, lasting for six years, by a woman posing as her boyfriend online. The ordeal led Donovan to fall into a cycle of sex addiction, which she described as a coping mechanism.

"It was more or less to get away from that situation I was in, and it is such a confidence booster," she said in an interview with Daily Telegraph.

"When you're emotionally disconnected from the situation, it can get really dangerous because you burn and churn, and with technology at your fingertips it's just too easy - it's like ordering a pizza."

This season of I'm A Celebrity features names such as singer Natalie Bassingthwaite, shock jock Tom Arnold, The Project's Steve Price and former Aussie Olympian Lisa Curry competing amongst themselves and with the worst of nature for $100,000 to go towards the charity of their choice.

With such a cast, in such an environment, there's guaranteed to be a fair share of controversy yet to come.