The Bachelor: Cassandra Wood’s friend says she's been a 'clinger' for years

By Hayley September 12, 2018
Image: Channel Ten

Edit: Definitely an ‘ex’ friend now.

The Bachelor’s Cassandra Wood has copped it enough this season, being mercilessly edited into this year’s ‘stage five clinger’ with countless shots and soundbites of her pining over one-time real-life love Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins.

Now a ‘friend’ of hers has sold some gossip the Daily Mail, insisting she’s every bit as clingy IRL.

They said Cass dated a previous boyfriend for four years, and would “beg” him to follow her around and demand constant PDAs.

“She would say, ‘Oh, my god, I love you’ to her ex all the time.

“Then, out of nowhere, [her former partner] said, ‘I don’t want to be with you’.”

“[I was with said couple] at Neutral Bay and I have never seen someone so clingy. She literally kept saying, ‘Come, come’, to him everywhere we went.”

The ‘friend’ said Cass’s ex became “worn down” by her “clingy” behaviour.

“He just kept walking off and seemed exhausted from it… She is a full on clinger.

“They were full-on planning to get married so I’m surprised they broke up. They dated for ages, possibly four or five years.

“He’s got a new girlfriend now and he looks a lot happier.”

Look, Cass actually seems like a sweetheart - and we’re sure there are countless men out there who would LOVE to be doted on by this stunning lady!

Image: Channel Ten