'Big Little Lies' Fans Are Obsessing Over This Slip Up By Nicole Kidman

By Stephanie Nuzzo July 9, 2019
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Did you spot this?

Let us start with this: if for some reason you are not caught up on Big Little Lies (why?!) you are in a relatively safe space. We will not be giving away any major spoilers in this piece. 

But seriously, get into season two because it is BRILLIANT. 


The fifth episode of the season titled 'Kill Me' aired yesterday, and there is one detail that has fans talking. 

No, it's not the disappointing fact that we never got to see Reese Witherspoon throw ice cream at Meryl Streep despite all the hype. Although people do have feelings about that...

It's that Nicole Kidman accidentally let her Aussie accent slip. 

During a particularly heated exchange with Streep's character, Mary Louise Wright, Kidman (who plays Celeste Wright) is heard slipping in and out of her native accent - something that production seemingly missed.

Fans, however, did not.

It's a little odd to hear, but doesn't really do too much to take away from Kidman's performance - she's still phenomenal. Besides, she's acting across from Meryl Streep... we're not sure we'd even be able to stand if we were in her shoes.

If you want to hear the quote, check out the below. Just know this is somewhat of a spoiler so STOP HERE if you do not want to know anything.

Final warning, people. Small spoiler ahead.


Okay, here's the footage:

Image: Instagram