The emotional story that shut down rumours of JLo being a ‘diva’

By Stephanie Nuzzo May 25, 2018
Jennifer Lopez diamond

"She is so not that.”

If you’re familiar with Jennifer ‘JLo’ Lopez, chances are that you’re familiar with the rumours that she’s a big ol’ diva who demands diamond-encrusted headphones, all-white hotel suites and private beaches (allegedly).

However, her production partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas has a different story to tell.

She has shot down the singer's reputation as a diva, explaining that Lopez flew across the country to be with her as she underwent cancer treatment.

Former agent Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, who is the president of JLo's Nuyorican company, sat down for a new The Hollywood Reporter interview and insists there's so much more to her pal than her image as a high roller with expensive tastes.

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The diva tag came up in the interview when Lopez was handed a bedazzled Starbucks tumbler bearing her initials, which was a gift from an assistant.

"I don’t love it because of this idea that she’s diva-like," Goldsmith-Thomas said. 

"She is so not that. A few years after Maid in Manhattan, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She found out when I was having chemo, didn’t tell me and just showed up at Sloan Kettering (clinic).

"The girl I know flies across the country to rub your bald head or sit at home with you to eat popcorn and watch Jim Brooks movies."

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