Controversy surrounding Troy and Carly after he was photographed with Ashley yesterday

By Christina Cavaleri February 14, 2018

What is going on Troy?

Troy for heaven’s sake what is your deal?!?

Married At First Sight’s Troy was just busted kissing someone who ISN’T his MAFS “wife” and now he's been snapped with his wife.

Mate just choose.

Troy Delmege was spotted with his partner from the show, Ashley Irwin, as they dined at a Sydney bar on Friday night with fellow contestant Dean Wells.

They weren’t very affectionate, unlike the photos of him and Carly Bowyer, this time Troy kept his hands to himself and just chatted with Ashley and Dean.

To check out the photos head to

We’re only up to the third week of the show where Troy and Ashley are still married. But we do have a while to go. 

Ashley spoke to about her relationship:

“It’s just all over the place. It’s a mess.”

It could be assumed that they don’t actually last. 

Or it could be assumed that Troy is just looking for some honey form everyone. Either way, they keep making this show addictive!

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