The controversy surrounding The Block’s next project

By Christina Cavaleri November 3, 2017
Controversy surrounding The Block’s next project

Murder, rape and drugs galore…

More than just your average controversy about cheating contestants, The Block is seriously upping the stakes for the 2017 season of the home-reno​ show. 

The series is taking next year’s contestants to Melbourne’s most notoriously shady hotel, The Gatwick. 

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The property, which is in dire need of much more than a lick of paint, is reported to have a dark past with police data indicating that the hotel has been the scene of its fair share of crimes (over 50, according to The Herald Sun). The worst of the list, however, includes four deaths, two rapes, almost 20 drug offences and a case of arson, New Idea reports. 

Here’s hoping the contestants aren’t scared of ghosts because this place is almost certainly haunted. 

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