Finally, we know why 78kg-weighing Nikki is on The Biggest Loser

By Sangeeta Kocharekar March 17, 2017

Channel Ten explains

The newest season of The Biggest Loser is definitely living up to the hype Channel Ten created for it. The next Married At First Sight, some might say... but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There would need to be some major, major drama to surpass the trainwreck that is Cheryl and Andrew.

One of the main topics of discussion has been the weight of 25-year-old mum Nikki. She’s a mere 7kg above the average weight of an Aussie woman, yet she’s in a contest to win the most amount of weight in a set time. 

Twitter had a field day, writing:

“What I’m confused about #TBLAU this year is why there are so many contestants who aren’t even that fat on the show? 78kg isn’t that fat.”


“Remember the days when you had to be 100kgs + to be on this program #TBLAU”


“I don’t think that Nikki chick on the Biggest Loser needs to lose much weight. It’s more a mental thing. #TBLAU”


Channel Ten responded to the criticism, saying Nikki, who admitted her partner hasn't seen her naked in three years, has relatable weight struggles. In a statement to Mamamia, a spokesperson said:

"Nikki is the smallest of our contestants and relatable as a new mum who wants to get her life and health back on track. She says her weight has been a constant issue that gets in the way of her relationship and has led to a lack of self-confidence."

They added that according to her body mass index, which is based on weight and height, her healthy weight should be 15-20kgs lighter than she is now at the start of the show.

One of the show’s trainers, Shannan Ponton, also told the publication it was important to remember that her transformation was about mind, body and soul – not simply weight.