Georgia Love reveals her wedding plans with Lee

By Stephanie Nuzzo May 17, 2017

They're taking things slow and steady!

Since the day Bachelorette Georgia Love, 28, handed Lee Elliot, 36, her final rose, the pair has seemed to be inseparable – the number of loved-up snaps that quite literally fill their respective Instagram profiles is basically proof of this. 

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However, social media posts aside, the couple are maintaining that they’re taking their romance at a slow, steady pace. In an interview with Stellar magazine, Love shared that babies, marriage and even moving in together are not on the cards for the pair… just yet. 

“We want to move in together when we both decide we want to stay together every single night, not because of the public perception,” Love told the mag. 

“A wedding isn't on the cards, and a baby definitely is not on the cards,” she added. 

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The slow pace of their relationship is not to be mistaken as a warning sign, though. Love spoke about the bond she shares with her man and how his presence during the later stages of her mother Belinda’s battle with pancreatic cancer brought them even closer together:

“It’s made our relationship really hard. He's the one who has to cop it when I'm having a bad day. He's the one who's there as I break down."

It was under the horrible circumstances of her mother’s declining state that Lee was introduced to many of Georgia’s family members and the presenter shared how that impacted her view of him:

“He was there every step of the way. Nothing will ever take that away. That's something that makes me even more in love with him. In so many ways it brought us very close,” she shared. 

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The pair may be taking it easy when it comes to major relationship milestones, yes, but there seems to be no question when it comes to the strength of Georgia and Lee's bond. Besides, the first few months of their relationship involved restricted contact and a bunch of other guys – who can blame them for wanting to take some time to just hang out and enjoy each other's company?

Image: Georgia Love / Instagram