Georgia Love has made a pretty surprising comment about 'The Bachelor'

By Christina Cavaleri August 10, 2017

The ex-Bachelorette has slammed the current season of the reality TV show.

Georgia Love, 28, became a common household name after finding love during her time on reality dating series, The Bachelorette.

Her final two contestants in her season of the reality TV show were Lee Elliott (the winner and current boyfriend) and the current Bachelor, Matty J.

The Aussie media personality has revealed in recent interviews that although it is a little strange, she has been tuning in to see Matty search for love on the national television show. However, it seems that after last night's episode, that may no longer be the case. 

During the show, Love took to Facebook to share that she was not impressed by the content aired.



A friend asked her to clarify if she was referring to The Bachelor and Love replied honestly:


Before finally announcing she was done with the show:

“Officially tapping out.”

It is believed that Love was referring to a scene in which Matty and one of the contestants, Florence, made a hand model. The date garnered a fair bit of attention online, along with a fair few suggestive jokes. 

But we can't help but wonder if it was actually this commentary from Tara that triggered her?

Do you find this offensive? Will you continue watching this year?

Image credit: Instagram/@georgiaalove