Guest on The Project burns Waleed Aly in an awkward moment

By Christina Cavaleri February 6, 2018

Great joke Dr. Steve!

Usually it’s Peter Helliar cracking all the jokes on The Project, but last night a guest on the show decided to grab the spotlight and run with it.

The hosts were chatting to controversial economist and health services manager Stephen Duckett about whether hospital safety data should be made public.

Helliar then cracked a joke about Waleed Aly just coming out of hospital for cosmetic surgery and asked whether he should stay away from Aly.  

“Doctor, Waleed has just been in hospital. I’m not sure what for — I think it was cosmetic — he still looks a bit dodgy to me. Should I keep my distance?”

Dr Duckett then responded with a joke no one saw coming:

“Well, some might say you should always keep your distance from Waleed.”


Aly was a bit confused by the burn.

“What did I do to you?” a ruffled Waleed replied in jest.


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