The heart-wrenching story behind this photo of David Beckham at the Royal wedding

By Christina Cavaleri May 23, 2018

One of the best photos of the day, easily.

If you were one of the 2.5 million people who watched the Royal wedding over the weekend you would have noticed the array of celebrities who were invited.

One in particular, was English soccer royalty, David Beckham.

He is being praised for having a happy snap with a young fan outside Windsor Castle.

The young fan happened to be Amelia Thompson, who wasn’t there for her celebrity status, the 12-year-old was among the 1200 members of the invited public.

Thompson is a survivor of the Manchester bombing attack. 

Thompson’s mother, Lisa Newton nominated Thompson to receive one of the wedding invitations. Thompson then asked Sharon Goodman, who lost her granddaughter Olivia Campbell-Hardy in the bombing, to come with her.

Amelia said she made the gesture “just to put a smile on her face”.

The Royal wedding is the first crowded public event Thompson has attended since she was carried out of the attack that happened a year ago. It has been reported Thompson is still receiving counselling and speech therapy as her vocal chords were damaged by her screaming. 

The Duke and Duchess have enjoyed their first event since the Royal wedding together. 

Image credit: Getty Images/WPA Pool