Steve Irwin's haunting premonition weeks before his death

By Hayley July 19, 2018
Images: Bindi Irwin / Instagram

Terri Irwin has revealed the eerie moment her late husband Steve Irwin foresaw his own untimely death.

Appearing on ABC's Anh's Brush With Fame, the 51-year old recalled an unsettling conversation she had with Steve just weeks before he died.

“You know he never thought he would have a long life. He just always kind of had this sense that his life would be cut short.

“I remember him saying to me, ‘I don’t think I am going to film anymore, I think I am just going to spend time with my kids.’”

Steve died in 2006 at the age of 44 after a stingray barb pierced his heart, while shooting documentary Ocean’s Deadliest.

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Terri told Anh Do that her “overwhelming grief” was accompanied by an “incredible sense of responsibility” to protect Steve’s legacy.

Her family, who were interstate when Steve passed, were flown home via private plane, with police giving paparazzi “random breath tests” to keep them away from the grieving family.

Twelve years later, Terri insists she isn’t interested in another romantic relationship, saying she’s “just lonely for Steve,” who she married in 1992 after a four-month engagement.

“I feel that we had that soulmate thing. And in the ten years since, I haven't dated or even thought about it. Because I'm not afraid to be on my own.

“It's just really hard not having Steve. I'm just lonely for Steve if that makes sense.

“Grief hits you at the most bizarre times. So I might be talking to biology students and it will remind me of Steve and I will burst into tears.

“You don't ever get over grief. It changes, but you never wake up one morning and go, ‘oh, I'm done with that.’ 

“That was the challenge in the journey after Steve died."

Family forever.

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Images: Bindi Irwin / Instagram