Your favourite celebs are celebrating International Women’s Day

By Stephanie Nuzzo March 8, 2018
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Today is your day, ladies. 

International Women’s Day (IWD) has come around once again, giving people around the globe an excuse to celebrate the achievements we’ve made when it comes to women’s rights in our (very long) journey towards gender equality. 

What IWD also does is offer us a reminder of the work that's left to be done, encouraging us to take a look at those areas where society continues to fall short (there are a lot of them).

It is 2018 and while the gender pay gap is improving, women are still paid 15.3 per cent less than men. One-in-three women continue to be subjected to physical or sexual violence in Australia. And one-in-two mothers experience workplace discrimination because of their pregnancy, leave or return to work.

If you think all of that is pretty damn appalling, know that those three examples don't even make up half of the sobering stats available on gender inequality in Australia. 

For reasons like these, and y’know, because women are incredible, a long list of celebrities have taken to social media today to show their appreciation and support of ladies all over. 

Here are a few of our favourite examples: 

My women Sister Love. @5paz @steph_loyola & #pumba #iwd

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Go kick some arse today ladies #internationalwomensday

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f you'd like to learn more key facts about women and equality in Oz, check out the Australian Human Rights Commission

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