How MAFS's Ashley ‘transformed’ her appearance for TV

By Hayley July 5, 2018
Images: Addie Renee Collins / Facebook / Instagram / Channel Nine

Married At First Sight’s Ashley Irvin is known for her doll-like beauty. But her startlingly different appearance over the years has led fans to speculate whether she had gone under the knife.

Daily Mail enlisted plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth to weigh in on her transformation - and he suspected the beauty may have had a little cosmetic help. He told the site:

“The faint circular ridge bordering the upper portion of Ashley's breast strongly suggests the presence of a breast implant, most likely a soft, cohesive silicone gel.

“She most likely had customised dental veneers along with lip plumping by way of a temporary filler.”

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Ashley slammed earlier fan comments suggesting that she had work done. 

When an Instagram user commented that she appeared to have had “Botox or fillers in her smile lines near her mouth”, Ashley replied:

“No work done. Just got fat!”

And you know what? It’s her goddamn business either way.

Images: Addie Renee Collins / Facebook / Instagram / Channel Nine