How much do Australian reality stars get paid for a sponsored Instagram post?

By Hayley September 6, 2018
Images: Instagram

Spoiler alert: A lot.

Jarrod Woodgate said he broke up with his Bachelor In Paradise love Keira Maguire as he felt he was playing second fiddle to her sponsored Instagram empire. But how much is she actually earning?

Jarrod told Who magazine she’s doing quite well:

“She earns over $1,500 for every Instagram post.

“It's no wonder she earns more than me, I'm on a really low family salary.”

Keira has 177,000 followers on Instagram, putting her in the same influencer bracket as The Bachelor's Megan Marx (184,000), Love Island winner Grant Crapp (156,000) and Married At First Sight's Cheryl Maitland (134,000).

Sponsor fees may be higher for TV personalities with higher Insta followings, like Married At First Sight’s Sarah Roza, who has 346,000 followers.

You can spot a sponsored post by a sneaky #ad, #spon or #sponsored hashtag somewhere in the caption - some reality stars cheekily omit it though, leading fans to think they’re singing a product’s praises for nothing - which is against advertising regulations.

Brands also negotiate cushy contra deals with reality stars in place of money - offering all-expenses-paid holidays for a mention on Insta.

Megan Marx was overheard bragging in March that she “got a free holiday to the Maldives because of how many people follow me on Instagram,” according to Woman’s Day.

She admitted to Daily Mail that she was taking advantage of the generous deals:

“Over the last 18 months I've been working with resorts, hotels and tourism boards - some are modelling jobs and others are free flights, accommodation and food in exchange for posts.”

No wonder these people are lining up to be humiliated on national television find love!

Images: Instagram