Finally, it's been revealed who Prince Harry’s father is

By Christina Cavaleri February 14, 2018

Finally an answer. Let's stop this rumour now. 

Along with the Kardashians, The Royal Family have a slew of rumours circling their private lives since day dot. 

The worst in fact is similar to one of the Kardashian’s unanswered rumours, Princess Diana’s former love, James Hewitt and whether he is Prince Harry's real father. 


If you’re wondering how this relates to the Kardashians it’s because there are rumours Khloe Kardashian isn’t Robert Kardashian’s daughter. You gotta watch the series they did a whole episode on lie detecters etc. 

ANYWAY. Now that Princess Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, is on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ The campmates are getting their royal questions out in the open early.

The poor guy just got into the jungle!

In a conversation with fellow contestant Jackie Gillies, the topic quickly changed to Prince Harry’s paternity. 

Jackie: “Do you believe that Prince Harry is Charles’ child?”

Paul: “Yes. Absolutely.”

Jackie: “It isn’t the other...The orange hair?”

Paul: “She didn’t know James Hewitt when Harry was born. That’s fact. Five years into the marriage, she had Harry. And she hadn’t yet met James Hewitt. True.”

Jackie: “Awesome! I believe you. Case closed!”

Hewitt has also confirmed that he is not the father in an interview with Seven’s Sunday Night in 2016. Melissa Doyle asked point blank if he was Prince Harry’s biological father.

“No I’m not,” he replied.

We’re sure we will hear plenty more about The Royals from Burrell and comedian/royals obsessed Fiona O’Loghlin is pretty pumped.

“[It’s] like they have delivered a stack of magazines this big.”

Image credit: Getty Images/WPA Pool and The Sun

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